Hot dog of the Day: Murphy's Red Hots

It's National Hot Dog Month! Today, we're checking out the foot-long dog at Murphy's Red Hots.
Photograph: Erin Delahanty Foot long Chicago dog at Murphy's Red Hots.

Murphy's Red Hots This unimposing hot dog stand could be easily missed if you aren't paying attention, but you'll want to pop in for a no-fuss Chicago dog and fries. Opt for the foot-long dog ($5) and you'll find it split in half and chargrilled before taking a walk through the garden. The addition of cucumbers is a strange twist on the Chicago dog and adds way too much crunch to the already hard-to-manage dog, which takes two hands to eat. Instead, stick with the regular-sized dog and skip the cucumbers for a winning Chicago-style hot dog.—Erin Delahanty