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Hot Dog of the Day: Redhot Ranch

It's National Hot Dog Month! Let's check out Redhot Ranch.

Hot dog at Red Hot Ranch


Redhot Ranch At the shack on Western Avenue in Bucktown, ordering a hot dog with the works won’t get you the typical dragged-through-the-garden variety. A tiny cash-only counter inside serves up maybe the most perfect specimen of the other Chicago-style hot dog: the Depression dog ($2.71). On a plain bun, the steamed beef frank is garnished with yellow mustard, diced onions, sport peppers and relish. It’s all rolled up in wax paper with a tangle of fresh-cut fries, a few of which you should leave inside the bun as a sort of high-carb condiment. This is a Depression dog at a Depression-low price.—Jake Malooley