Hot Dog of the Day: The Wieners Circle

For today's hot dog, we brave The Wieners Circle.

The Wieners Circleis essentially two different hot dog stands in one. By day and early evening it's a dumpy joint to get a mediocre hot dog and fries with terrible service. By night it's an even dumpier joint to get a mediocre hot dog and fries while getting yelled at. The hot dogs ($3.10) themselves are good and charred just the right amount, but they're lost in a soggy mess of haphazardly-applied Chicago dog condiments. The better route here might be a hot dog with one or two condiments instead of all the regular fixings. And if you happen to find yourself at the Wieners Circle in the wee morning hours after a night of debauchery, just pray that no one orders the chocolate shake while you're there—that's something you'll never recover from. —Erin Delahanty