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Takashi Yagihashi on Slurping Turtle | Interview

The chef divulges details on Slurping Turtle, slated to open early-August.
Photograph: Erica Gannett Takashi Yagihashi at 2011 Eat Out Awards
By Julia Kramer |

You have Takashi, which is a sophisticated restaurant, and Noodles by Takashi, which is in a food court. Where will the Slurping Turtle fall on that spectrum?
This is totally different. …I wanted to go somewhere to have a nice drink and small portions of appetizers and finish with some noodles or some large dishes.…[Slurping Turtle is more] like tapas.

What kind of tapas?
One section [of the kitchen] is doing all raw seafood. You can get medai, you can get horse mackerel sashimi, you can get oysters, you can get razor clams. Then I will have the dumpling bar…the grill…and a noodle station. …It’s a very flexible and diverse menu, so I think you could have it every night! [Laughs]

Why should people go to the Slurping Turtle this summer?
Food is going to be traditional—almost like street food from Japan and Tokyo and Osaka. [We’re calling it] the Slurping Turtle because turtles move very slow—it’s slow food, seasonal. And when you come, it’s upbeat at the restaurant, but it’s more [about] slowing yourself down and having fun with your friends and your family.

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