#11: Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill, 300 W. 26th St.
Fire Grilled Steak Taco; Tortilla Encrusted Tilapia Taco; Tamale Wrapped in Corn Silk
"Taste of": Tequila-lime Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast Taco; 1/2 Tamale Wrapped in Corn Silk
We tried: 1/2 Tamale Wrapped in Corn Silk, 3 tix
We liked the sauce options�everything from a mild pico de gallo to a creamy roasted red pepper (we picked the "medium," a green tomatillo salsa), which are detailed at the counter. The tamale was good�moist and flavorful, and we were relieved to see that it was wrapped in the traditional corn husk, rather than corn silk, which would've been gross. The "Taste" portion of a half a tamale was a reasonable three tickets, but what we really should've gotten was the whole tamale for just one ticket more. Learn from our mistake, friends.

Taste of Chicago 2012 | Food reviews



You know the drill—every year, pretty much the whole city of Chicago heads over to the Taste to consume as much food as humanly possible. Of course, in a festival as massive as the Taste, it's hard to know where to spend your money (or tickets, as the case may be). So we sifted through some of the booths for you, and here's our take on the best—and the worst—the Taste has to offer.

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