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Interested in females
Photograph: John Cary David Z


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What makes you a good catch?
They say I'm witty, charming and fairly good looking.  I'm a master at giving great hugs, and the only games I play are the kind with rule books or boards and little wood pieces.

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?
A long, fun and funny conversation on an array of topics over great food, preferably sushi.  The night would end with less talking and more snogging.

Favorite hangout
Steppenwolf Theatre Company events

Secret talent

I'm discovering my secret talent for writing in my new professional blog.

Describe your ideal match
Intelligence, humor and a bit of geekiness are a must. Must not be afraid of someone that plays board games and reads comic books, and she would hopefully have a few quirky hobbies herself.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a good way).

If she makes me laugh nonstop.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a bad way).
If she does nothing but complain.  Also, smokers.

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