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Ed, 37 | Date these singles

Interested in females

Photograph: Nicole Radja Ed S

Rogers Park

Graphic artist

What makes you a good catch?
I'm funny, respectful and tall. I hear the ladies like tall. I'm up for any new experience with very little nudging, and I know kung fu. Okay, I know OF kung fu, and it's pretty awesome.

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?
We'd get to know each other over dinner, either Italian or Thai, and then converse over some drinks, maybe a pint of 312, about life and music.

Favorite hangout

The Charleston, in Bucktown

Secret talent

I can sing songs at karaoke in any style ("Staying Alive" as sung by Snoop Dogg, for example).

Describe your ideal match

A woman with a solid sense of self any kind of creative outlet. Health-conscious, but not a health nut. Attractive, adventurous and with versatile musical tastes. Parrot-heads need not apply.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a good way).
Introduce me to Pablo Picasso, because that would mean that she has mastered time travel.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a bad way).
The ride would come to a stop if she had plans to change me, or to keep me from my passion of making comics.

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