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From miss to bliss

From miss to bliss
By Christina Couch |

For most people, Craigslist’s Missed Connections are just good for laughs. But the service changed Angela and Jason’s* lives. United through Missed Connections more than two years ago, the couple say if it weren’t for Craigslist, they wouldn’t have found each other.

“I was in a bar, having breakfast with a friend, and Jason was bartending,” Angela recounts. “I wanted to give him my number, but I remembered when I was a bartender how I hated when people flirted with me. I thought What the hell?, and put [a Missed Connection] on Craigslist.”

While Jason didn’t notice the ad, a coworker did and encouraged him to respond. Angela received six responses—five of them duds—and one quick, polite response from her future boyfriend. After quizzing him on the circumstances under which they met to verify he was the real deal, Angela made plans with Jason for a first date, then a second and a third.

After dating for five months, though, the couple’s happiness hit a major hurdle. “Shortly after we started dating, I was assaulted in an alley and left for dead,” Jason says. “I was in a coma for six weeks and in the hospital for three months. She came to visit me every day and when I got out, she insisted that I move in so she could take care of me…. I consider myself very lucky. If she hadn’t placed that ad, I never would have seen her again. I don’t know what my life would be like right now.”

*Names changed for privacy



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