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Jim, 26 | Singles Issue 2012

Interested in males

Buena Park/Uptown

Director of alumni affairs for a non-profit

What do you like best about yourself?
My ease with people. I love getting to know someone's story, what in their past has formed who they are now, and where they are going.

What's your idea of a perfect first date?
I want to get to know the other person. It might mean we see an exhibit they're excited about or visit a favorite restaurant or explore a new neighborhood. That said, I'm also a sucker for a glass of red wine.

What's the worst date you've ever had?
You have to get to date five to hear that story.

Number one dealbreaker
Lack of goals and aspirations in life.

Which is more important, romantic spark or longterm compatibility?
Romantic spark.

Secret talent
An uncanny ability to stick my foot in my mouth at all times. I try to point out the humor in my mistakes.

Ideal match
The guy next door...probably flew under the radar in high school, blossomed in college, and now lives a happy and successful life here in Chicago.

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