Lauren, 29 | Date these singles

Interested in males

Photograph: Nicole RadjaLauren B

River North


What makes you a good catch?
I'm funny, smart and the most loyal person you'll ever meet! I also have a great family, friends and job!

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?
Something low-key... drinks somewhere casual (outside if it's in the summer) followed by a walk around the neighborhood (assuming it's going well). I also think it would be fun to go to Great America on a first date. Random, yes, but I think acting like little kids is fun. If someone takes themselves too seriously, I'm out!

Favorite hangout

Angels & Kings, Whole Foods, LA Boxing, La Madia, my friends' houses

Secret talent
I can clap with one hand. I'm not sure if that's a talent. I can also say the alphabet backwards really fast. I didn't learn it from a sobriety test. I just practiced it a whole bunch when I was little because it seemed cool. In hindsight, it really isn't.

Describe your ideal match
Funny. Sweet. Attractive (to me). Patient. Must love my friends and family. Must have a job during daylight hours and health insurance. Dog owner preferred.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a good way).
Genuinely laugh at my jokes. Whip out an impression of a Saturday Night Live character. Show me a picture of his new puppy. Tell me how much he loves reading my blog ( Let me eat some of his food.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a bad way).
Say "I don't read much." I'm definitely no literature buff— I am more interested in aging rock star autobiographies than War and Peace, but I find it attractive when someone likes reading something...anything...  I also kind of hate anyone that doesn't enjoy Keenan Cahill, the little kid who makes YouTube videos of himself lip-synching. I find him to be so charming. It's a character flaw if someone doesn't.

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