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  1. Kim Oaks Pottery porcelain fortune cookie, $15,

  2. Beaded coin purse, $24,

  3. Set of notecards, $18,

  4. Glow in the Dark Dot Happy Socks, $23,

  5. Holy Smokes hat, $16,

  6. Izola tie clip, $16,

  7. Death Valley campfire incense, $10,

  8. Marble stud earrings, $20,

  9. Striped luggage tag, $19.50,

  10. Photograph: Tim Hollatz
    Photograph: Tim Hollatz

    Nate Berkus dessert plate set, $19.99,

  11. Egg roll cat toy, $9.99,

  12. Rose quartz stick pin by Tiny Mountain Designs, $22,

  13. Good Fight Herb Co.’s Self Love Potion #9, $20,

  14. Sprout Home dish towels, $13.50 each,

  15. Take Off My Pants Mug, $16,

  16. Tom Dixon’s Tool the Bookworm bookmarks, $16.50 each,

  17. Coco oil, $25,

  18. Animal ears cable knit beanie, $24,

  19. Polka dot dog bowl, $18,

  20. Mini treasure pot, $9 each,

  21. Clothespin clip-on light, $7,

  22. Sangean pillow speaker with volume control and amplifier, $19.95,

  23. Old-fashioned shampoo bar, $7.49,

  24. Gold tree rings art print by Cat Coquillette, $16,

  25. Black bird metal brooch by Sketch Inc, $16.08,

25 stocking-stuffer ideas for $25 or less

These stocking-stuffer ideas and crowd-pleasing gifts are an easy way to make a big impact on a small budget this Christmas


This year, stuff your family's stockings with something other than gift cards and candy (pro tip: Chocolate goes at the top of the stocking, not the bottom, lest it melt from the heat of the fireplace). Buy thoughtful, unique gifts for everyone on your list with these affordable stocking-stuffer ideas—from porcelain fortune cookies to tie clips and pet toys—all less than $25.

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