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Break into social media marketing

Five ways to break into social media marketing.

By Erin Ensign |

1. Know how to market yourself. “You’re branding yourself as soon as you join social media sites. Your handle should be your Twitter name—that’s it. Information is too accessible and moves too quickly to work cryptically; marketing should be clear and concise.”

2. Understand the art of storytelling. If you want followers, knowing how to craft compelling messages is paramount. “Study movies, study TV shows and read. Surround yourself with stories,” he says.

3. Take classes. Always stay up to date about the medium. Classes don’t have to be in a university setting; even informal meet-ups or seminars can provide valuable knowledge.

4. Don’t be shy! “With Twitter, you have the ability to directly reach out to someone you would otherwise never meet. I’m on Twitter every day. If someone reached out to me to say they were curious about learning more, I would totally respond.”

5. Know your passion. Pick an area that you specialize in and are passionate about. “What are things you talk about in the bar after work? What are the things you tell your parents and friends that make you smile? Those are the things we need to be sharing on social media.”

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