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Chicago hair stylist | Ingrid Trevino

Alpana Singh tips us off to her favorite stylist

Photograph: Nick Murway

Street cred Since moving from Texas (where she was schooled at a Sassoon training center) to Chicago ten years ago, Ingrid Trevino has styled for the Oprah Winfrey Show, weddings and runways, but she’s always been behind the chair with a loyal following of clients, too. “I love long, luscious hair,” Trevino says. “It’s always what I’ve been drawn to. That or hard-to-work-with curly hair.” Working in the Midwest, Trevino says she’s encountered so many clients trying to fit in. She takes the opposite approach with her cuts: keeping it fresh and treating everyone as an individual by constantly changing their looks so they don’t get in a rut. As for her signature style, Trevino says, “I like to work with clean lines. People tend to overtexturize their hair. I push more to educate clients to learn how to work with their hair. If they don’t look good on the streets, they’re no good to me. Bonus: She’ll teach you styling shortcuts so you can spend 20 minutes max on your hair before getting out the door.

Why we love her “If I could have one complaint, it’s that her haircuts last…to my detriment,” says sommelier and Check, Please! host Alpana Singh, who trusts Trevino with her self-described “hard to handle” curly hair. “I have no automatic indicator that my hair looks bad and I need to see her. As my hair grows out, the style grows with it.” While Singh doesn’t have any automatic indicator, as she says, of when to return for haircuts, she’s been going back for the last ten years, and says a friend of hers flies her entire family in from Wyoming to get their haircuts, too. Cuts start at $140 for women; color ranges from $80–$250. 1003 N Rush St, #3 (312-943-3011, nancyangelairsalon.com).