Chicago street style: Bonnie May

This week's street style profile features Bonnie May, a model who sometimes lies about her profession
Photograph: Amanya Maloba
Bonnie May, 25
By Amanya Maloba |

Bonnie May, 25
Hyde Park

What's your favorite thing you're wearing?
My hat because it was marketed by a close friend of mine.

What's the nicest or strangest thing anyone's ever said about your style?
The nicest thing would be that I'm tall and I know how to dress. The weirdest thing is when people say I'm dressed eclectically and I wasn't even trying to be eclectic. 

Do people ever ask if you're a model?
I am a model. People also ask if I'm a tennis player. Sometimes I say yes. I lie.

How would you describe your style?
Military urban-chic. Or military urban-couture.