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Chicago street style: Deborah Mekbib

21-year-old Deborah Mekbib describes her style as “frugal, comfortable and carefree.”

 (Photograph: Zachary Weiss)
Photograph: Zachary Weiss

Clothes Encounter: Deborah Mekbib

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Zara)
Photograph: Courtesy of Zara

Blouse with pockets, available at Zara

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Anthropologie)
Photograph: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Roll-up slouchy shorts, avaiable at Anthropologie


How do you describe your style?
Frugal, comfortable and carefree.

I like your shirt. Is there a story behind it?
Thank you. I got this in India for, like, $5.

I’d say that’s frugal. Did you cut the neckline?
Yeah, it was a little too high. I guess I make changes to my clothes. These were pants, but I decided to cut them up because it’s summer and they weren’t cool as pants anymore.

Roll-up slouchy shorts, $58 at Anthropologie(locations around the city)

Royal House oxfords, $148 at osborndesign.com

Blouse with pockets, $80 at zara.com