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Chicago street style: Sophie Messing

This SAIC student has a 1990s look.

 (Photograph: Stacie Scott)
Photograph: Stacie Scott
 (Photograph: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters)
Photograph: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban renewal oversized lace inset denim jacket
$69 at urbanoutfitters.com

 (Photograph: Courtesy of J.Crew)
Photograph: Courtesy of J.Crew

Paisley shirt
$88 at J.Crew(900 N Michigan Ave, 312-751-2739)

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Dr. Martens)
Photograph: Courtesy of Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens burgundy Oxford
$190 at Dr. martens (1561 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-489-5499)

What inspires your style most?
I’m from Seattle, so I always end up subtly channeling the Northwest in the way I dress.

Favorite thrift stores?
The Village Discount Outlet and Brown Elephant. And when I am in Seattle, I shop at the Red Light, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads.

Your jean jacket is very ’90s-inspired.
I’ve been told that I have a very ’90s look and I agree.… But I always associate that time period with ugliness, so it’s not really something I try for.