Ed and Barbara Kuske, Castlewood Terrace | House call

The couple love the beauty of their historic street and the diversity of the surrounding neighborhood.

 (Peter Hoffman)
Peter Hoffman
 (Peter Hoffman)
Peter Hoffman
 (Photograph: Peter Hoffman)
Photograph: Peter Hoffman

EdandBarbara Kuske, 71 and 69, Castlewood Terrace

“Studs Terkel lived here,” Ed says of historic Castlewood Terrace, where he lives with his wife, Barbara. “He used to come to all our block parties.” The Kuskes moved into their spacious, modern trilevel on the quiet cul-de-sac that spans the two blocks between Marine and Broadway in 1990. Before that, in the ’50s and ’60s, developers wanted to build high-rise condominiums where the home now stands, but Castlewood Terrace, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, is protected by an 1896 covenant that allows only single-family homes on the street. The Kuskes’s place was among the last seven of the 33 houses built on Castlewood.

Inside their living space, the couple has curated an eclectic collection of textiles, art and sculpture from their overseas travels, as well as art by Chicagoans, including sculptor Jack Kearney, who also lives on the block.

A volunteer with the area’s community policing program, Ed says Uptown’s economic, social and racial diversity was the driving factor in their decision to live in the city rather than suburbs. “You learn more in an area that has diversity. It adjusts your paradigm,” he says.