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Fall fashion inspiration from the stylish Aliza Licht

Aliza Licht engages with almost half a million Twitter followers every day, dishing about everything from fashion and food to her favorite DKNY finds and reality TV.

 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsLicht wears a current-season DKNY long-sleeved leopard-print dress ($495) and a leather satchel ($295), both available at DKNY.
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon Richards�I only wear top-handle bags and clutches. I don�t like shoulder bags because truth be told, I hate how they make my arms look. The touch of red edging [on the bag] gives a chic, �I know how to dress, so don�t mess with me� attitude.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon Richards�I have never met a leopard print that I didn�t like; base it in red, add a flared skirt to it and well, you�ve got me.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon Richards�I�m sorry, but I can�t let go of [the] platform [heel] yet. My feet and I don�t want to. I treated myself to these [Dior shoes] for fall and they are fierce.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon Richards�Donna Karan-probably obvious-is my favorite designer; her creativity is endless,� says Licht, wearing a DKNY silk quilted pullover and maxi skirt.
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsLicht poses in front of a self-portrait by Scarlett Bailey, which was painted for a series of in-store summer events. �I�m glad I had mine done though, because now I know that I�m really Jay Leno�s long-lost daughter. I really want his car collection.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsLicht calls this a �semi-cropped top� because it doesn�t show any of her stomach. �The skirt is seriously the most lengthening piece of clothing I have owned in years. I�m only 5'3" but I think I look way taller in this.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsThe varsity chain necklace was made in collaboration with jewelry designer Martine Ali for the fall 2013 DKNY runway show. �I�m glad we produced it. And no, it doesn�t matter if your name doesn�t start with d, it�s a conversation starter!�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsThis reversible DKNY clutch is suede on one side and leather on the other. �Don�t be fooled, with three major zippered compartments it fits everything a tote would; it�s just chicer,� says Licht.
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsTo get her perfect red pout, Licht uses Prestige lip liner in Amore with Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red, and tops it off with Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor in Neon Red.
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsNot surprisingly, Licht says DKNY is �hands down� her favorite store to shop for fall. Here she wears another head-to-toe look from the brand.
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsThe social-media guru layers a crewneck sweater over a silk button-up blouse with leather collar. �I�m going for a bit of a Cher Horowitz [vibe],� she says.
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon Richards�I never wear cropped jackets and I surprised myself when I bought this one. I love the herringbone texture and the dramatic yoke. The skirt is an awesome mix of neoprene and luxe ponte. The panels are very modern and I�m a sucker for a fluted, flirty shape.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon Richards�Every girl should own at least one red bag. I can�t explain it other than to say red is power and confidence. I�m also biased because I only wear red lipstick and nail polish. I�m wearing Essie�s Apertif [now]. I own about 20 shades of Essie red and I keep them on my desk at work for quick touch-ups. They also make for a great paperweight.�
 (Photograph: Rayon Richards)
Photograph: Rayon RichardsLicht says she�s obsessed with these thigh-high boots. �They�re totally warm, can double as a leather pant and have stretch panels for comfort. They are seriously sexy, which also helps-a lot.�
SPIN HER STYLE Carlo Pazolini leather tote bag, $325, at Carlo Pazolini
SPIN HER STYLE Kate Spade Saturday zip-over jacket, $180, at Kate Spade Saturday
SPIN HER STYLE Nine West Belanie suede booties, $119, at Nine West
 (Photograph: Colin Thomas)
Photograph: Colin ThomasSPIN HER STYLE Boden Smithfield wool skirt, $118, at
SPIN HER STYLE Donna Morgan Dolly dress, $138, at Lord & Taylor
SPIN HER STYLE Ela Milck Star clutch, $338, at
SPIN HER STYLE Isabel Lu knit moto jacket, $98, at Piperlime
SPIN HER STYLE Gypsy Warrior Medina platform boots, $88, at
 (Photograph: Erin Williams)
Photograph: Erin WilliamsSPIN HER STYLE Vince Camuto Tila leather satchel, $278, at Vince Camuto, locations throughout the city
 (Photograph: Rinze van Brug)
Photograph: Rinze van BrugSPIN HER STYLE Material Girl faux-leather skirt, $42, at Macy�s
SPIN HER STYLE Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red, $12, at Sephora, locations throughout the city
SPIN HER STYLE Leon Max Collection double-breasted wool jacket, $458, at Max Studio
SPIN HER STYLE Nine West Soho leather satchel, $169, at Nine West, locations throughout the city
SPIN HER STYLE Gentle Fawn Brit coat, $180, at
SPIN HER STYLE H&M leather boots, $149, at H&M, locations throughout the city
SPIN HER STYLE Carlos by Carlos Santana Interlude Barrel satchel, $40, at
By Rachel LeWinter |

Aliza Licht has been working at Donna Karan for 15 years producing runway shows, dressing celebrities and working on editorial coverage, but recently she’s probably best known from Twitter as DKNY PR Girl. She gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at the major fashion brand and life as a public-relations rep. We asked her to model her favorite fall fashion outfits, and found products so you can crib her style.

Aliza Licht, 39, SVP for global communications at Donna Karan International; @dkny, @alizalicht

How her job influences her style: “Working on both Donna Karan and DKNY, I edit the collections to suit my personal aesthetic. You have to be true to your body type. I’m not a pencil-skirt girl, I’m a circle-skirt girl. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, well, you look it. DKNY PR Girl (@dkny) is the filter by which I share my love for specific items in the collections.”

Favorite part about social media: “Social media makes the world a smaller place. The fact that I can watch Scandal on a Thursday night with thousands of people on our virtual couch and freak out together at a pivotal scene is an incredibly warm feeling.”

Her personal style: “My personal style is a mix of flirty and sophisticated. I’m pretty much always decked [out]. I can’t help it, I feel more comfortable dressed [up]. I love a polished look. I think grunge was fashion’s darkest hour.”

Her inspirations: “I come from a very fashioncentric family. My grandmother made all of my mother’s clothes growing up and many of mine too. To this day, my mother is always pulled together. That has definitely rubbed off. I’m someone who wears a red lip to a morning Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa.”

Favorite piece in her wardrobe: “I have this amazing Donna Karan New York winter white cocoon coat from fall 2000. It’s a mix of totally sophisticated and futuristic. It’s a statement maker. Every time I wear it, people stop to ask me who designed it. I love clothes like that. Fashion can really speak for you without saying a word.”

Style motto: “Always dress like an amazing moment is about to happen.”

Favorite thing to wear during fall: “I love coats and I think if you can swing it, you should have many. Coats are the first thing people see. They’re more important than people give them credit for.”

Favorite fall trends: “Leopard print! I’ve always loved it, and I’m glad it’s back in a big way this fall. Leopard print does the work for you. You can basically be the dullest person on earth, but if you’re wearing leopard print, you’re sassy without even speaking. Also, long [skirts and dresses] for daytime. [The length] makes a short girl look tall. Who said we can’t wear long for day? Why have we reserved it for evening all these years? It’s rubbish.”

Wish list for fall: “Honestly, I really need a dining-room table. I have enough clothes to last a lifetime of falls, but somehow I can’t figure out how to buy a simple piece of glass to eat on. #FashionGirlProblems.”