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Five cool iPhone camera gadgets

Upgrade your iPhone photography skills with these professional-level add-ons.
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Photograph: Courtesy of GadgetsandGear.comiFlash, $20 at gadgetsandgear.comLet there be light! This add-on plugs into the bottom of your phone (or iPod Touch) and shines a little extra light on your subject.
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Photograph: Courtesy of photojojo.comiPhone lens dial, $250 at photojojo.comThis old-school-looking dial includes three lenses�fish-eye, wide angle and telephoto. Bonus: This add-on could double as a case.
 (Photograph: Patrick D O'Neill)
Photograph: Patrick D O'NeillOlloclip, $70 at olloclip.comThis compact lens (it�s no bigger than a fun-size candy bar, which means it won�t take up a lot of space in your bag or pocket) offers three options: fish-eye, macro and wide.
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Photograph: Courtesy of joby.comGorillaMobile, $40 at joby.comEven if you have the best lens, you still need a steady hand to get a great shot. GorillaMobile solves the blurry-photo problem with this tripod that can bend to wrap around just about any surface or object.
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Photograph: Courtesy of photojojo.comiPhone SLR mount, $250 at photojojo.comThis monster add-on uses Canon or Nikon SLR lenses and features depth-of-field and manual focus. You can attach just about any lens to it, and its case features two strap loops (just like real single-lens reflex cameras the pros use!).
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