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Five great IKEA buys

Items from IKEA that will actually last.


My Malm four-drawer dresser ($100) has been around since 2003, surviving four years of college and nine moves. Also, the two Lack side tables ($8-15 each) I bought the same year are still going strong�and come in cheerful colors like green and glossy red.�Marissa Conrad, associate Features editor


The best move I ever made was buying an enormous stash of Tekla dish towels (79 cents each). They�re absorbent, resilient and dirt cheap.�Julia Kramer, associate Food & Drink editor


I put together my Billy bookcase ($80) about eight years ago. Because it�s so big, I�ve never wanted to dismantle it to move it, so it first went up and down the staircase of my old place every time I had a yard sale (gotta showcase those books). Last year, it moved to Rogers Park and made it, somehow, all the way up to my attic bedroom.�Web Behrens, associate editor, TOC Kids


The Malm platform bed frame ($200) was identical to just about every platform bed I saw at stores like Room & Board and Stitch, but sold for a fraction of the price. I remember seeing it again and again in homes profiled in Dwell magazine and thinking, If it�s good enough for them, it�s good enough for me! I bought it in 2001 or 2002 and it still looks like new.�Cheryl Magiera, production director