Five spas that offer summer-themed pedicures

Allyu This River North venue is known for its ecofriendliness, and you can count on its jasmine-sugar scrub and mint yogurt mask to be just as friendly for...
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Allyu This River North venue is known for its ecofriendliness, and you can count on its jasmine-sugar scrub and mint yogurt mask to be just as friendly for your hands and feet. A delicious combination of flowers, natural sugars, mint leaves and essential oils makes up this summery treatment that also incorporates reflexology. Then, just pick out a color from the chemical-free polishes on offer and you’ll be glowing all over. Pedicure 75 minutes, $75; manicure 60 minutes, $50. 600 W Chicago Ave, Riverwalk (312-755-1313, El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Chicago. Bus: 8, 66.

Kiva Remember the days when you couldn’t deny the tempting siren of the ice-cream truck? Recapture that moment of youthful Zen with an ice-cream manicure and pedicure at this Mag Mile spot. Although the treatment isn’t cold, the fizzy bath comes in a variety of flavors such as Hawaiian and strawberry banana. The soak is followed by exfoliation, massage and polish. And unlike those frozen sweets, this treat is fat-free. Pedicure 60 minutes, $65; manicure 30 minutes, $45. 196 E Pearson St (312-840-8120, El: Red to Chicago. Bus: 66, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 151.

Spa Soak This mani-pedi combo mixes the milky rich oils of coconut with the soothing qualities of lime. (You’ll smell like a piña colada!) The pairing is an ideal remedy to heal and moisturize winter-ravaged fingers and toes. Pedicure 75 minutes, $47; manicure 45 minutes, $27. • 2300 N Lincoln Park West (773-477-1144, El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs), Red to Fullerton. Bus: 22, 151, 156. • 1733 N Milwaukee Ave (773-395-9000). El: Blue to Damen. Bus: 50, 56.

Spacio Take a tropical escape with Spacio’s signature papaya-pineapple manicure and pedicure. Infused with a blend of papaya, mango, pineapple and orange, this treatment smells as good as it sounds. As part of the spa’s “seasonal” special, the mani-pedi features a soak to prep the nails, a scrub to buff away dead skin, a healing mask and a finger-to-elbow and toe-to-calf massage all in one session. The aroma alone will bring on fantasies of sipping mai tais in a hammock. Pedicure 75 minutes, $52; manicure 45 minutes, $37. 2706 N Halsted St (773-244-6500, El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Diversey. Bus: 8, 76.

Urban Spa Chic Drift away into the Caribbean breeze with the island-inspired Thai coconut and lemongrass mani-pedi. This seasonal treatment features a creamy coconut base blended with bamboo powder and rice bran oil. After a mineral soak, your hands and feet are scrubbed with crushed rice and masked in sea kelp. And as if that’s not enough, the massage that follows features a special blend of silk and honey lotion. Top it all off with a cup of chilled green tea. Pedicure 60 minutes, $48; manicure 45 minutes, $28. 1401 W Hubbard St (312-492-8050, El: Blue to Grand. Bus: 9, 65.

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