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Five-year retrospective - Shopping & Style

Colorful online comments to The Get stories over the past five years.


A side of Ginger
Many Ginger Zee fans commented on the NBC5 meteorologist when we profiled her (TOC 227, July 2–8, 2009), including those defending her clothes and a lunch-date offer:

“When I read that someone called Ginger a prostitute for wearing a short sleeve shirt, I couldn’t believe it! Just because she is pretty and keeps in shape, it shouldn’t be a cause for other women to be so jealous. She is FAR from a prostitute for wearing a short sleeve shirt—women do it everyday!! She is the future of meteorologists!” —Anonymous

“The guys at the Fire Station on Black Shift would love you to have lunch with us if you are ever up in Gurnee, IL. And yes don’t worry it will be safe, the Chief I am sure will be there.” —Bill Burkhart

Vested interest
When we showed guys how to pull off the vest look (TOC 135, Sept 27–Oct 3, 2007)—we swear it wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is now—not everyone liked our styling:

“ehhhhhh that outfit doesnt fly.” —Bronson Ratcliff

Wrap stars
One of the most popular stories in the Get (it’s constantly in the “most viewed” list on our website) taught readers how to tie winter scarves (TOC 149, Jan 3–9, 2008). The accompanying YouTube video, featuring stylist Amy Salinger, The Get editor’s voice and model/designer Christina Fan has more than 470,000 views. And the comments keep on coming:

“I finally learned how to make a specific tie with my winter scarf. I have been trying to figure it out for months and it is really easy what was I thinking? God Bless and thanks for you help.” —Ang

“The model is beautiful. The demonstration was interesting too.” —Ans

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