Gift guide: The art lover

A longtime appreciator of art helps assemble gift ideas for the aesthetically conscious ones on your list.
"I was excited to find such a moving artwork at an affordable price."
"I love ambient sound. And I love Chicago. So this piece was irresistible."
"I love this piece so much. [Attoe] used to exhibit at Wendy Cooper�s gallery over on Peoria. I guess most everyone in Chicago is passing through."
"[Zurich and Baku are] two of my favorite cities. As the author says, 'Take your time.�"
"Who could resist a book about a Roman emperor with 'controversial genitals?�"
"I�d like to imagine dressing the Emperor Heliogabalus in one of these Soundsuits."
"It is so interesting to have this window into the way things were in the Soviet Union."
�Architecture porn.�



EZRA GETZLER, 48, Lakeview

Getzler is a math professor at Northwestern University—and an art collector. “I developed my interest by buying lithographs and silk-screen prints as a student,” he explains. “They are reasonably affordable, and when you start earning money, you can either stick with multiples or move on to oil paintings.” Getzler cites a few arty gifts he wouldn’t mind unwrapping around the holidays.

My favorite budget stocking stuffer is… Dwell magazine, $5–$6 at Quimby’s. “Architecture porn.”

If you have to get a gift certificate, get it from…the Spertus Shop. “This is the go-to place for Hanukkah gifts. They have things that are both useful for the home and very beautiful.”

Please don’t get me any more…coasters. “Every art lover has their own taste: It is really hard to guess what art someone else will like,” Getzler admits. But you should still try.

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