Gift guide: The gadget gearhead

Tech lovers don't always want the new thing, they want something that works.

"Reviews rave about sound quality and being able to look at your phone while being on it."
"The new Apple TV sounds great [if you have an iTunes-based library] but you can�t stream your own video collection to it. I�m more curious about the Roku."
"I like my Crumpler the Mahoubar messenger bag, but this one looks sweet."
"These things are dope. They keep their charge while not in use for months and months, and they arrive fully charged."
"It�s never been cheaper to save your ass with a decent backup drive."
"I mess around on guitar. This is like some serious shit. Nice."
"They can really clear a space."
"You can play Xbox 360 with it, but it�s not HD. Awesome find."
�I am obsessed with Velcro straps for tying up cables and everything else.�

NATHAN JONES, 35, Highland Park

Jones describes himself as a fixer. “I basically heal people’s technology—at home, for small businesses—just make it all better,” he says. So he’s choosy about his tech gadgetry and upgrades, and consults peers and loads of user reviews before purchasing. While tech aficionados often want the newest thing, they also want what works best, so Jones helps us suss out a techie gift list that’s a mix of practical and novel.

My favorite budget stocking stuffer is…Velcro One-Wrap wire wraps, $12 for 25-pack at “I am obsessed with velcro straps for tying up cables and everything else.”

If you have to get a gift certificate, get it from… “Apple Store and Best Buy are overpriced. I would never shop there, personally.”

Please don’t get me any more…“shitty mini vacuum cleaners that you plug into a USB slot.”


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