Gift guide: The travel nut

Buy these items for the traveler on your holiday shopping list.
"For a short day hike or just walking around the city, a day pack is indispensable. And this one�s durable, versatile and functional."
"I can throw one in my pocket without worrying about it falling apart."
"Anything that reduces, combines and simplifies�I�m all for it!"
"This is really cool because it�s highly packable, foldable, freezable and BPA-free."
"The best thing about this is its size. This could fit anywhere."
"This lightweight shirt wicks away moisture better than cotton, doesn�t smell like synthetics and is responsibly harvested from sheep."
"When you�re traveling, a backpack is like your closet, your dresser and your nightstand all in one. At least with this I could keep my hamper separate!"
"A big part of traveling for me is adventure: hiking, fishing, sailing, camping. And there�s always that one thing that needs cutting or tightening or loosening or opening."
�Instead of bringing hand soap, body soap, face soap, laundry detergent and shampoo, I can use Dr. Bronner�s for just about everything.�
By Laura Baginski |

SEVE PONCE DE LEON, 25, River North

Though he’s not related to the famous Spanish explorer, with a name like Ponce de Leon it’s no wonder he has a fierce wanderlust. Stand-out moments from his backpacking trips to 25 countries include chimp tracking in Uganda and hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Ponce de Leon says he could use the following gadgets and travel essentials for his next big adventure: hiking the Inca Trail to Peru’s Machu Picchu in March.

My favorite budget stocking stuffer is…Dr. Bronner’s 2-ounce liquid soap, $2.35 at Merz Apothecary. “Instead of bringing hand soap, body soap, face soap, laundry detergent and shampoo, I can use Dr. Bronner’s for just about everything.”

If you have to get a gift certificate, get it from…REI. “Great selection of travel gear, and members get 10 percent off everything they buy—refunded at the end of the year.”

Please don’t get me any more…hiking socks. “It’s not like they’re useless, but at some point, enough is enough.”


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