Harold Pabatao, Beacon Street and Lawrence Avenue | House call

The music fan and design consultant rents a place near the Green Mill, Aragon Ballroom and Riviera.

 (Photograph: Peter Hoffman)
Photograph: Peter Hoffman
 (Photograph: Peter Hoffman)
Photograph: Peter Hoffman

Harold Pabatao, 34, Beacon Street and Lawrence Avenue

During his 13 years in Chicago, Pabatao rented apartments in several neighborhoods on the North Side before moving to Uptown a year and a half ago. The design consultant’s cozy, one-bedroom rental is just three blocks from the Red Line. And as a live-music aficionado who decorates his walls with framed collages of concert-ticket stubs, Pabatao also loves being within walking distance of venues such as the Green Mill, Aragon and the Riviera.

“I can ride my bike to Jewel, and now they have a Target here,” he says, referencing the store that opened last summer at Wilson Yard near Broadway and Montrose. “I’m not leaving Uptown!”

Pabatao says he also likes people-watching at Lindo Guadalajara, the 24-hour taco joint at the corner of Lawrence and Clark, after the bars close. “Since you’re at the border between Andersonville and Uptown, you’ll see all kinds: straight, gay, affluent, homeless.”

He chuckles as he recalls the time two guys, seemingly meth-addled, borrowed his cellphone to make a mysterious call. “They said, ‘Hey, I’m at Carol’s Pub. Make sure you have all of it this time.’ Then he hands me back the phone and says, ‘Erase this fucking number.’”