Inspiration strikes

Top dogs in a variety of fields share their sources of inspiration.

Chip Vassil, 32, executive director at public relations agency Wagstaff Worldwide
“Baking in the early morning, as the city is rubbing its eyes, inspires me to think about the day and the possibilities ahead.”

Karen Daniel, 55, clinical professor of law at Northwestern University’s Center on Wrongful Convictions
“The quiet dignity of my clients’ family members.… Almost every case has at least one relative who plays a major role. They pound the pavement seeking legal representation, remaining polite and humble no matter how many times they are turned down.”

Dan Jividen, 35, senior writer at Leo Burnett
“Documentaries. Happy ones, sad ones, old ones, new ones. No matter where it falls on the spectrum, the passion around the topic is usually so intense that it makes you think about whether what you’re doing is enough—and pushes you to do more.”