Lori Wall Beds

A local electrician puts her handy skills to use by building a hideaway bed.
By Jessica Herman
Photographs by Jamie DiVecchio Ramsay

What it is Lori Wall Beds, a fledgling brand of locally made hideaway beds.

Who she is The Kenosha, Wisconsin–born and bred 30-year-old Lori Moore dropped out of college as an art major to volunteer in the Army, where she was stationed in Germany; when she eventually returned to the States, she picked up a career in the construction industry. A layoff seven months ago from her job as an electrician presented a blessing in disguise: more time at home with her newborn baby and the chance to dream up a new career.

What she makes Moore’s innate tendency to tinker drives her to produce items for the home that suit her needs. For instance, she transformed an entertainment cabinet into a “cat condo” by replacing the glass doors with lacquered, punctured plywood; her dining-room table flips open to reveal a freezer for the family’s spare deer meat. Likewise, when the costliness of a premade Murphy bed deterred her from purchasing one, she opted to construct her own, which she’s released on the market. Available as a twin or double (or customized), the bed arrives in pieces with illustrated instructions like an IKEA product. With a price range of $525–$675, it costs (and weighs) significantly less than the average wall bed and stays aesthetically simple with a raw finish and streamlined silhouette. “It’s kind of like a LEGO set, precut and predrilled,” says Moore. “I’m building two boxes, really; I’ve just worked out the numbers so someone else doesn’t have to.” For an additional charge, she’ll put her knack for painting to use by spiffing up the bare wooden boards with an all-over wash of colored paint or stain ($75) or a mural of anything from a sunset to a geometric pattern ($185).

Why we like it The bed not only flips up to give your pad more floor space, but a built-in shelf on its underside makes the piece dually functional. It’s perfect for a studio or a guest room; just don’t load up the shelf with more than a few books or picture frames, or turning in for the night will become a hassle.

Where to find it loriil.goods.officelive.com/default.aspx.