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Natural deodorants

We test-drive five natural deodorants.

Lavanila, $18 at lavanila.comJust for the ladies Clich� as it may be, there�s something about the powdery smell of Secret that makes me feel like a lady. The vanilla-lavender scent of Lavanila scratches that itch, and the mildly powdery deo moisturizes my pits. Unfortunately, when it came time for the real test-a butt-kicking gym class-I did detect my own less savory scent; I�m leaving this one for easy breezier days at the office.
Lifestinks, $15 for regular-strength travel size at duggansisters.comShe says: I�m not crazy about the application of this locally made product�sprinkle the powder in your hands and pat into your pits�particularly when I need to rush out the door. I like the mild scent (lavender or cedar), however, and feel confident that on sweatier days, the extra-strength powder option and tea-tree-and-lavender-oil-blend stinkstick (rolled on before powder application for extra-stanky days) have me covered for even the most anxiety-provoking presentation at work.He says: Not fond of the powder, either. In my morning routine, I apply deodorant then my face moisturizer. Having to wash my powdery hands in between slows me down. I test the cedar powder and it smells like�nothing. But I also remain scent-free for the rest of the day.
The Guv�ner by LUSH, $10 at Lush (859 W Armitage Ave, 773-281-5874; 1727 N Damen Ave, 773-227-3946)Just for fellas This powdery deodorant contains charcoal, lavender and patchouli powders, which somehow manage to smell masculine. The application is annoying: I pour a small amount of the product onto a piece of toilet paper and then dab it under my arms. Stray grayish powder falls on the bathroom floor. But the scent is strong enough that I don�t have to wear cologne and the thick powder absorbs sweat, which is as close to an antiperspirant as I�m going to get here.
Malin + Goetz eucalyptus deodorant, $18 at Aaron�s Apothecary (2338 N Clark St, 773-360-8595)She says: The refreshing eucalyptus scent of Malin + Goetz�s best-selling product wins me over, but it�s actually so strong it competes with the perfume I spritz on my neck; in other words, it doubles as my outdoorsy perfume. On a particularly warm day, I end up needing to reapply about four hours in, but I like the smell and feel of the stick so much, I don�t even mind.He says: The eucalyptus scent is so refreshing, it smells like a fancy gym or spa. I like that the application of this one is the most traditional: You just roll it on. I don�t need to reapply throughout the day, but I do wish these natural deodorants had some natural antiperspirant properties in them. Can someone please invent that?
Weleda sage deodorant, $8 at Merz Apothecary (4716 N Lincoln Ave, 773-989-0900; 17 E Monroe St, 312-781-6900)She says: Full disclosure: I�m not a fan of spray-on deo, so Weleda has an immediate disadvantage. Not to mention, the sage fragrance is so initially potent it smells as if I�ve bathed in sage. Fortunately, the dry-down happens quickly and the residual scent is mildly earthy but not overpowering. I remain surprisingly body-odor-free for the day.He says: I don�t mind a spray bottle, and the strong sage scent doesn�t bother me at first. The spray creates a cooling, tingly sensation, which isn�t unpleasant, either. Midday, however, I get a whiff of sage mixed with sweat, and I have to reapply. I wish this product were able to last throughout the day.
By Kevin Aeh and Jessica Herman |