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Patrice Grell Yursik of Afrobella.com | Meet the blogger

Meet Patrice Grell Yursik, the creator of Afrobella.com

Photograph: Nick Murway

I started my blog in 2006. August 13, 2006, to be specific.

My first post It was a manifesto of sorts that detailed my natural hair journey and declared what Afrobella would be about—embracing your hair as it is and being beautiful on your own terms.

Why my blog is popular I started my blog in a time when there was nobody speaking to my demographic and celebrating the beauty of women of color, plus-sized women and women with natural hair. Because I started early and came out with a distinctive voice and perspective, today people call me “godmother” and “first lady” of brown beauty blogging, which is crazy and awesome. I created the kind of online magazine that I was unable to find, and I strive to provide content you won’t find anywhere else.

My first reader encounter I was in the produce section of the grocery store in Miami (where I lived at the time) and someone came up behind me and asked, “Are you Afrobella?” She recognized my hair!

The celebrity I want to read my blog Oprah. I dream of writing for O Magazine someday.

Best perk about my blog is My blog has allowed me to live dreams that are so big, I hadn’t even dreamed them before. …For example, in 2012 I worked the red carpet at the Oscars and met more celebrities than I can count, I visited the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital with a team from Lancôme, and I ended the year by giving a TEDx talk in my homeland, Trinidad. Without my blog, opportunities like that would be unthinkable.

Trend I wish would go away Super-pale, opaque, baby-pink lipstick. It isn’t cute on anybody.

Other blogs I read AwesomelyLuvvie.com for humor; Gabifresh.com, theSassyPeach.org and theCurvyFashionista.com for fashion inspiration. For natural-hair information, I read blackgirllonghair.com and CurlyNikki.com; Chookooloonks.com and Lifehacker.com for life inspiration; SmittenKitchen.com for cooking inspiration; ThisThatBeauty.com and theStyleAndBeautyDoctor.com for beauty inspiration.

My top three must-have products Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment, Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica moisturizer and my Clarisonic brush. I refuse to let winter weather wreak havoc on my skin and hair.