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Right now, we want a White & White clock and more.

TOC’s must-have items of the moment also include Emerson Fry’s ikat tunic.
 (Photograph: Courtesy of Honor & Folly)
Photograph: Courtesy of Honor & FollyThis adorable handmade linen apron plays double duty: Not only is its detachable oversize pocket a perfect pot holder, it�s equally handy carrying cooking utensils as it is toting around goodies from the garden. $75 at
 (Photograph: Courtesy of Emerson Fry)
Photograph: Courtesy of Emerson FryIt�s a top. It�s a dress. It�s a tunic. Emerson Fry�s just-released spring line has us giddy for warmer weather, when we can take pieces like this hand-dyed ikat tunic (the fabric was made by artisans in Guatemala) from the beach to family barbecues. Other colorways available soon. $248 at
 (Photograph: Courtesy of
Photograph: Courtesy of kibardindesign.comKick your old-school digital alarm clock to the curb and upgrade with this White & White Clock. The LED clock is a 3-D interpretation of those now-retro displays and features alarm, date and, obviously, time functions. $179 at
 (Photograph: Courtesy of CB2)
Photograph: Courtesy of CB2Who needs the Easter Bunny when you have this wire hare? The two-foot-tall rabbit is the perfect guard for your spring garden�or, if you�re all about quirky decor, your living room. $70 at CB2 (800 W North Ave, 312-787-8329).

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