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Right now we want Marvel Comics cookie cutter sets and more.

Time Out Chicago’s must haves of the moment include Corkers kits and illuminated dog leashes.

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Deux Lux)
Photograph: Courtesy of Deux Lux

Despite the recent springlike weather, we�ve got a bad case of the travel bug, and the only cure in sight is a trip to a warmer climate. Say�Miami? Now all we need is this sequined weekender duffle by Deux Lux to travel in style. $137 at deuxlux.com.

 (Photographer: dan lev)
Photographer: dan lev

We�ve always felt �whatever� about wine-cork crafts�until now. These Corkers kits turn your wine cork into an adorable animal figurine. Each box filled with pushpins features one of six designs (monkey, deer, buffalo, bear, bunny and crow) and will make a perfect bonus gift to the bottle of wine you�re bringing to your next dinner party. $8 at monkeybusiness.co.il.

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Pup Crawl)
Photograph: Courtesy of Pup Crawl

We don�t even have a dog of our own, and yet we�d nab Pup Crawl�s illuminated dog leash for our beloved friend�s pooch to make sure she�s safe walking the streets at night. Bonus: $1 from each purchase goes to a dog in need. $25 at thepupcrawl.com.

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma)
Photograph: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Who says superheroes exist only in comic books and movie theaters? Bring Spider-Man and the gang into the kitchen with this Marvel Comics cookie cutter set. Maybe these treats will give you superpowers. $20 at Williams-Sonoma (900 N Michigan Ave, 312-587-8080).