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Right now we want wallpaper from Flavorpaper.com and more

TOC’s must-haves of the moment also include the Michelangelo bike stand.

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Linda Bergonia)
Photograph: Courtesy of Linda BergoniaBetween the bright colors, the hand-loomed cotton and the fact that 15 percent of the proceeds benefit a refugee woman or girl through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, these market Workshop/CoOp bags are cool enough that we want one in every color. $95 at theworkshopcoop.com.
 (Photograph: Courtesy of publicbikes.com)
Photograph: Courtesy of publicbikes.comWell-designed bike storage racks are cool, but why do they always involve drilling holes into the wall? This Michelangelo two-bike stand solves that problem (especially for renters!) because it just leans against the wall. Bonus points for it being able to securely hold two bikes. $75 at publicbikes.com.
 (Photograph: Courtesy of FlavorPaper.com)
Photograph: Courtesy of FlavorPaper.comWe could spend hours perusing the fab wallpaper designs at FlavorPaper.com. Okay, maybe we have. A standout from the selection: this Obscuro wallpaper design, which is also available in red and green color schemes. Trivia time: This one was designed by Lenny Kravitz (you know, Cinna in The Hunger Games). $85 per sheet at flavorpaper.com.
 (Photograph: Courtesy of iamhome)
Photograph: Courtesy of iamhomeThere�s no reason not to feel like a winner, especially with one of these one-of-a-kind iamhome trophies made from reclaimed lumber as well as vintage and new toppers. We�re happy with the ready-made inscription you rock my world, but we wouldn�t mind a personalized message for an extra $8, either. $38-$76 at Haymaker Shop (5507 N Clark St, 773-681-0798).