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Window displays on Michigan Avenue

These creative window displays along Chicago’s Mag Mile grabbed our attention.

 (Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki)
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Apple Store(679 N Michigan Ave, 312-529-9500)

We�ve seen more creative displays from Apple (especially around the holidays), but the company doesn�t need any smoke and mirrors to show off its latest crowning achievement: the new iPad.

We�d break the window for: We know we�re not the only ones drooling over the new iPad�s super-high-def display

 (Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki)
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Louis Vuitton(919 N Michigan Ave, 312-944-2010)

Pardon the pun, but this Mag Mile shop always hits thebull�s-eye when it comes to window displays. This dartboard-inspired look is funand colorful.

We�d break the window for That bag, obviously. Plus, we�d love to get home-decor tips from whoever designed this scene.

 (Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki)
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Neiman Marcus(737 N Michigan Ave, 312-642-5900)

Neiman lists almost all of our favorite designers (Oh hi, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin), and is it just us or does that mannequin look pretty lifelike? Kudos to the department store for keeping it real.

We�d break the window for That hat. Can we all agree to bring hats backin fashion?

 (Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki)
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Topman(830 N Michigan Ave, 312-280-6834)

These mannequins kind of look like a new boy band ready to release a single�and we mean that in a good way.

We�d break the window for We�re all about the colored trousers this season. We�ll take a pair of the green ones, please.