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Photograph: Erika DuFourJoey Thurman, 29Works at Morph Personal Training as a co-owner; trains at HiFi Fitness (820 N Orleans St, 312-751-1224)Workout tip �Set small goals, which lead toward a bigger goal. A workout should be efficient, not long!�Secret indulgence �I�m a fat kid at heart: I love Cajun fries with bacon, ham, chicken, ground beef, shredded cheese and Doritos on top. Yep�fat kid!�Says a fan �Every time I�m done working out with Joey, I have problems lifting my arms to wash my hair.��Genna, 39, Lakeview
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Photograph: Erika DuFourEmily Hutchins, 32Works at On Your Mark Coaching + Training (1101 W Monroe St, suite A, 312-733-9330)Fitness tip �Without a proper warm-up that involves movement and flexibility, a workout will not be as substantial as it could be. Warming up is what allows muscle to become more responsive to training, thus providing results.�Secret indulgence Red velvet cake Says a fan �Not only is Emily extremely knowledgeable about the body and fitness, but she is a ball of fun! Emily and I laugh nonstop throughout my workouts. [She] has helped me through two surgeries and a minor back injury, and all the way through she was able to tailor my workouts to meet all of my needs.��Sarah, 32, River North
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Photograph: Erika DuFourChris Lopez, 26Works at Phenomenal Fitness (1450 S Michigan Ave, 312-360-0303)Fitness tip �Add different modes of exercise, whether it�s suspension, kettlebells, vibration or VIPR, every four to six weeks to spice up your workout.�  Secret indulgence A large movie popcorn and CokeSays a fan �Chris�s ability to add variety to every workout with new methods and tools keeps me engaged and motivated to reach my fitness goals.��Kim, 37, South Loop
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Photograph: Erika DuFourRaquita Bolden, 25Works at East Bank Club (500 N Kingsbury St, 312-527-5800)Fitness tip �When you�re trying to form a new habit, such as starting a new workout regimen, commit to the pattern 15 times. After that, the pattern becomes a habit.�Secret indulgence CheesecakeSays a fan �Once I hit my thirties, I realized I needed extra motivation to stay fit. Raquita appeals to my childlike attention span by giving me new and creative routines. She reminds me that our time at the gym is just one of many factors for a balanced, healthful life. She gives me a much-needed weekly kick in the butt, and I love her for it.��Michelle, 32, West Loop
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Photograph: Erika DuFourPeter J. Kraus, 26Works at I.D. Gym (2727 N Lincoln Ave, 773-477-8400)Fitness tip �Shoot for at least one day every week where you push past being tired and find yourself fatigued. You will become stronger both physically and mentally.�Secret indulgence �A good friend of mine has a cupcake business�. I�m in a way thankful that I don�t live near her anymore.�Says a fan �Peter was an excellent strength coach in preparing me for my Division 1 volleyball experience. He encouraged me to push the boundaries of what I thought to be possible.��Danielle, 20, Madison, Wisonsin* *Kraus moved to Chicago from Madison in October.
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Photograph: Erika DuFourChristine Gialamas, 53Works at XSport Fitness, teaching classes at the Crestwood, South Loop, Pipers Alley, Lakeview and Logan Square locationsFitness tip �There is no reason that we need to be sitting as much as we do. Find what you enjoy and make it a habit. I prefer to dance off calories, and I choose to walk or bike whenever possible.�Secret indulgence Barefoot Bubbly Pink moscato Champagne. �It�s like having dessert and cocktails in one.�Says a fan �Christine is always there for me, cheering me on to reach the goal that I have challenged myself to achieve. As a result, I have lost over 60 pounds in the past eight months!��Lisa, 44, Chicago Ridge

Chicago hottest trainers

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