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Choosing healthy restaurant foods

The foods we think are healthy are often worse than foods we really crave.

We’ve all been there: You’re at a restaurant and trying to eat healthy. You’re dying for a burger but opt for the salad instead. Turns out, you may not have saved yourself many (or any) calories. “You’re definitely not always making the better choice by choosing the salad,” says Terra Ayres, a Weight Watchers leader in the Western Suburbs. “Often you can have a fast-food hamburger for the same number of calories as a Caesar salad.” Ayres showed us what we could have eaten for the same number of Weight Watchers Points as these seemingly healthy or harmless foods and beverages.

1 Caesar salad or tuna salad = 1 fast-food hamburger(8 Points Plus)

1 small cafe mocha with whip = 8 biscotti(8 Points Plus)

1 margarita = 3 rum and Diet Cokes(12 Points Plus)

1 taco salad with the shell = 3 small orders of fries (18 Points Plus)