Othello: The Remix

Theater, Musicals
Photograph: Michael Brosilow Othello: The Remix at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

The Q Brothers and their co-conspirators, Postell Pringle and Jackson Doran (all ably backed by DJ Clayton Stamper), translate the Moor’s tale to the modern music industry. Othello (Pringle) is a self-made superstar MC, Desdemona the ethereal voice that provides the hooks for his choruses. Cassio (Doran) is the pretty-boy crew member Othello wants to groom into a star, much to the chagrin of Iago (GQ), who sees himself as the superior rapper. Though compressed and refreshed, both story and wordplay find rich parallels with the original text. This reprise of the Qs' 2013 work is part of Shakespeare 400 Chicago.

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