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3 breezy updos to cool your sweaty neck

Elizabeth King, co-owner and stylist at Luxe a Salon + Spa (2109 W Belmont Ave, 773-665-2049,, suggests trying these styles on wet or towel-dried hair.
Photograph: Nicole Radja
Photograph: Nicole Radja
Photograph: Nicole Radja

1. The fishtail. Secure your hair into a side ponytail behind one ear. Divide the ponytail into two sections. Separate a quarter-inch-wide piece from the outside of the right-hand ponytail section and bring it between the two sections of hair. Repeat on the opposite side (separate a quarter-inch wide piece from the outside of the left-hand ponytail section and bring it to the middle). Alternate down the ponytail and finish it off with a hair tie.


2. The twisted bun. Start with a side part. On the side of the head that’s heaviest with hair, pull a two- to three-inch-wide section that frames the face and begin to twist outward, away from the face. Continue adding one-inch sections of hair down the hairline, twisting each new section into the original twist so that you form a ring above the neckline. Once you get to just beneath the other ear, grab the remaining strands, wrap them once over the twisted section of hair and twist it all together into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.


3. The braid-banded ponytail. Create a deep side part. Starting at the part line on the side of the head that’s heavier with hair, take a three-inch-wide section (from forehead back) and split it into three pieces. Start to French braid by doing one crossover in traditional braid style; then add a half-inch-wide section of hair beneath the left-hand section before crossing it over; repeat on the opposite side, adding a half-inch-wide section of hair beneath the right-hand section before crossing it over. Continue the French braid down to the top of the ear, then traditionally braid the rest. Pull the remaining loose hair together with the braided hair through elastic, leaving it looped up rather than pulled all the way through into a ponytail. Secure any loose hairs with bobby pins.


—As told to Jessica Herman


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