9/11 statistics | Tenth anniversary of 9/11

The numbers of 9/11 and its aftermath speak for themselves:
Image from "Ground Zero 360" at the Field Museum
Photograph: Nicola McClean Image from "Ground Zero 360" at the Field Museum.
By Will Livesley-O'Neill |

People killed in the attacks: 2,975 (official number as of Sept. 10, 2009)

Deaths of firefighters and paramedics responding to attacks in New York: 343

Nations with citizens killed in attacks (estimated): 115

Approximate percentage of Americans who knew a person hurt or injured in attacks: 20

Tons of debris removed from Ground Zero: 1,506,124

Economic loss of New York due to attack: $105 billion

FEMA money spent on the disaster: $970 million

People rescued alive from wreckage: 18

Days fires at Ground Zero kept burning after attacks: 99

Estimated number of New Yorkers with post-traumatic stress disorder due to attacks: 422,000

Estimated donations to 9/11 charities: $1.4 billion

Approximate units of blood donated New York Blood Center after attacks: 36,000

Amount the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act provides to first responders for health care: $1.5 billion will go to health benefits for the first responders, while $2.7 billion will go to compensation for them. 

Estimated cost of New York 9/11 memorial: $700 million

The war on terror
American military deaths in Afghanistan: at least 1,645
American military deaths in Iraq: at least 4,474
Total combined cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as estimated by Congressional Budget Office: $4.7 to $5.4 trillion

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Data: CBS News, New York Magazine, The National Post, The Associated Press (and here), Center for Defense Information

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