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  1. Photograph:

  2. Photograph:

  3. Photograph: @tat_ventures

  4. Photograph: @atavistic_endeavor

  5. Photograph: @nick_ulivieri

  6. Photograph: @nick_ulivieri

  7. Photograph: @audacityofthemind

  8. Photograph: @acaciabergin

  9. Photograph: @audacityofthemind

  10. Photograph: @crunchywyte

  11. Photograph: @edgilardon

    Early morning bridge climb for @instagram #whplinemeetscorner

  12. Photograph: @g_a_b_e__

  13. Photograph: @mikederp

  14. Photograph: @nycmiri

  15. Photograph: @robear_af

  16. Photograph: @samindecapolis

  17. Photograph:

  18. Photograph: @thecraighensel

  19. Photograph: @mattcandersen

Capturing Chicago, extreme views edition

In the third installment of our monthly photo series, we turn to Instagram to see how local photographers are capturing vertigo-inducing views of the city


Whether these photos inspire envy or vertigo, you have to appreciate these photographers' moxie. Perched high above the city, the photographers featured here have gone to great lengths to find the perfect spot to capture Chicago. We don't know whether to tag along or yell at them to be careful, but we love looking.

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