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Cheap stocking stuffers

We've got your quirky stocking stuffers right here, for no more than an Alexander Hamilton.

Don�t get him another tie! With these necktie-printed napkins, he�s all set. Who says dressing properly for dinner takes long? $6 at
Know a messy someone with grocery bags peeking out from under their closet door? This bag holder is the perfect organizer for them. $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond,; various locations around the city and suburbs.
It doesn�t matter if you�re not drinking a seasonal brew. Keep your beer bottles jolly and festive with reindeer and Santa-hat toppings. $8 for a set of two at Urban Outfitters,; various locations around the city.
Perfect for your socialite friend: She can carry these finger trays and never again have to choose between shaking hands and enjoying passed apps. $10 for a pack of ten at
Passing notes hasn�t been this fun since seventh-grade homeroom. Each piece of paper in the stack comes with origami instructions. $4 at
Robots aren�t taking over the world, but they can take over your pockets. Feel the heat as these hand warmers kick into gear. $9 at
By Heather Youkhana |

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