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 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)1/17
Courtesy of UbisoftYou are a hacker navigating a slightly fictionalized Chicago in the Ubisoft video game Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)2/17
Courtesy of UbisoftWater Tower as it appears in Ubisoft's video game Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)3/17
Courtesy of UbisoftRain falls on Prizker Pavilion in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. Note the Cloud Gate stand-in, looking more like the Noodle than the Bean.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)4/17
Courtesy of Ubisoft"Centurian Park" stands in for Millennium Park in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. That's the Smurfit-Stone, a.k.a. "The Vag," a.k.a. that building from Adventures in Babysitting in the background.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)5/17
Courtesy of UbisoftMarina Towers stand next to an imagined "Chicago World" tower in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. The Trump Tower analog is on the right edge.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)6/17
Courtesy of UbisoftWillis Tower at night in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. Maybe they can call it Sears Tower as it's fantasy?
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)7/17
Courtesy of UbisoftNavy Pier as it appears in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. Hopefully you can crash a car into Bubba Gump.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)8/17
Courtesy of UbisoftThe action in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs seems to center around the Loop. It appears that Soldier Field (note the columns) has been converted into a baseball stadium. We're guessing it's called the Cux.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)9/17
Courtesy of UbisoftThe El bends around "Theatre Square" in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)10/17
Courtesy of UbisoftLooking north on State Street atop the Chicago Theatre analog in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. That would be the Leo Burnett building on the left, but it appears to be two adjacent towers.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)11/17
Courtesy of UbisoftLooking south on State Street atop the Chicago Theatre analog in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. Note how they ignored Block 37, as most Chicagoans do. Hey, is that our office in the background?
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)12/17
Courtesy of UbisoftThe State Street bridge rises before the Marina Towers in Ubisoft's video game Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)13/17
Courtesy of UbisoftWillis Tower can be seen behind a marina in Ubisoft's video game Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)14/17
Courtesy of UbisoftThe sun sets behind the Chicago River bridges in Ubisoft's video game Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)15/17
Courtesy of UbisoftThe El tracks pass through "Theatre Square" in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. 
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)16/17
Courtesy of UbisoftPlayers can explore the North and South sides in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs.
 (Courtesy of Ubisoft)17/17
Courtesy of UbisoftAh, and who can forget our scenic mountain… Wait, what?

Chicago landmarks reimagined in 'Watch Dogs'

You'll want to slow down and see the sights in Ubisoft's latest video game

By Zach Long

Later this month, you'll be able to tool around a digital version of Chicago in a stolen car, hunting down bad guys while changing traffic lights and raising downtown bridges. The upcoming Ubisoft video game Watch Dogs presents a near-future version of our fair city; an urban playground controlled by a centralized computer system that players are able to hack into and bend to their will. We can't wait to go on a car chase down State Street or ramp a motorcycle across the Chicago river, but we're also looking forward to walking around the virtual city and gawking at some recognizable landmarks. We found some of the notable locales that you'll be able to visit (and possibly destroy) in Watch Dogs when it is released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27.

See what Pritzker Pavilion, Marina Towers, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Water Tower and more look like in the video game by flipping through the slide show above.


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