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Photo Credit: Emily RawdonNo. 49: Argued on behalf of deep-dish pizza, even though your heart wasn’t really in it.

Chicago rites of passage

Had to rescue your car from the Lincoln Towing lot? Gotten shushed at the Green Mill? Congrats, you've completed milestones toward becoming a true Chicagoan.


You needn't have been born here or even lived here for several years to be considered a Chicagoan (the general consensus is you must endure NYC for 10 years to call yourself a New Yorker). All you need to do is complete at least half of this list of Chicago milestones—experiences, both good and bad, or knowledge gained—to transition from Chicago newb to seasoned Chicago expert.

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How many of our 49 rites of passage have you experienced? Fill out the checklist and brag about the results by sharing your score on Facebook and Twitter.

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