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Favorite local artists

Mayoral candidates name their favorite local band, theater company, restaurant, artist, comedian.
Photograph: Sean Williams Redmoon Theater

What is your favorite local band? How about your favorite theater company? Restaurant? Artist? Comedian or other performer?

Braun “I do love Les Nomades, La Scarola and Gene & Georgetti.”

Caster “My favorite restaurant is the Wiener’s Circle (a Chicago institution!).”

Chico “My favorite local theater company is the Redmoon Theater.”

Collins “My husband used to manage a band called Ultimate Concept, so that’s my favorite band.”

Cooper “[My favorite comedian] was Bernie Mac.”

Del Valle “I love comedy, have been to Second City, and particularly enjoyed their Rod Blagojevich Superstar show. (I’m laughing out loud as I think about it!)”

Emanuel Wilco is my favorite local band, and Jeff Tweedy is my favorite local artist—when they played all of their albums over the course of five days at the Riviera a couple years back, I made it to three shows and regret that I couldn’t make the other two.”

Hendon “[My favorite theater company is] Anointed Harvesters. They’re a Christian-based group, but they don’t hit you over the head with the Bible.”

Meeks Army & Lou’s and Leona’s are two of my favorite restaurants.”

Tyrrell The Chicago Symphony. I do not much care for pop culture.”

Walls “[My favorite restaurant is] Valois.”

White “I have a few [favorite restaurants]: Brandy’s, Elliott’s, Happiness, Los Olivos, MacArthur’s, Mee Mah, Paterno’s Pizza….”

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