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Four years in review

The highs and lows of Obama’s presidency

 (Photograph: Susan Walsh/AP)
Photograph: Susan Walsh/APGOOD FOR OBAMANavy SEAL Team 6 kills Osama bin LadenMay 2011Health care bill becomes lawMarch 2010Repeal of Don�t Ask, Don�t TellSeptember 2011Obama announces support of gay marriageMay 2012Obama extends emergency loans to GM, ChryslerMarch 2009Congress passes stimulus packageFebruary 2009Obama nominates Sotomayor (May 2009), Kagan (May 2010) to Supreme Court Supreme Court upholds health care lawJune 2012Last U.S. troops leave IraqDecember 2011Obama announces drawdown in AfghanistanJune 2011Unemployment rate dips to 7.8%, lowest since January 2009September 2012
 (Photograph: Larry Marano/WireImage)
Photograph: Larry Marano/WireImageTIPPING POINTDeportation amnesty offered to some young illegal immigrantsAugust 2012Obama signs bill overhauling credit card policiesMay 2009Occupy Wall Street hits ManhattanSeptember 2011Solyndra files for bankruptcySeptember 2011Citizens United ruling allows corporations and unions to contribute to campaign adsJanuary 2010National debt passes $16 trillion for first timeSeptember 2012
 (Photograph: Michael Kovac/WireImage)
Photograph: Michael Kovac/WireImageBAD FOR OBAMADebt ceiling talks collapseJuly 2011Republicans block American Jobs ActOctober 2011House holds Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt in wake of Fast & Furious scandalJune 2012Deadline on Obama�s executive order to close Guantanamo passesJanuary 2010Terrorist attack on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, kills fourSeptember 2012Republicans win House, create deadlockNovember 2010Unemployment rate reaches 10%, highest since 1982October 2009
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