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Heard on the street, September 20, 2012, edition

Funny quotes overheard in Chicago.

Health care is dizzope!

I don’t agree with gay Republicans.

Being mean to strangers is one of my favorite pastimes.

“I need to get an agent to find me a boyfriend.” “I think they’re called pimps.”

Excuse me. Let me ask you the biggest fag question ever: What product do you use on your hair?

That’s from Caddyshack, not your life.

I used to drink white zin in high school.

It’s like the Lifetime movie of porn!

Wear your wedding ring when you go out with Dad.

It pays to be young and cute or old and helpless.

It’s easier to fire someone than to fix the problem.

The only person I know who got their back scooped is Heidi Montag.

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