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Hyde Park vs. Evanston | By the numbers

How does Hyde Park stack up against Evanston?

Percentage of population age 18–34 (2010 projection) Evanston 34.1 Hyde Park 40.7
Percentage of town/neighborhood owned by the local university Northwestern/Evanston 5 University of Chicago/Hyde Park 21
Total crimes reported in 2008 Evanston 3,038 (24.4 per capita) Hyde Park 1,220 (24.3 per capita)
Violent crime incidents in 2008 Evanston 299 Hyde Park 236
Median rent (2010 projection) Evanston $914 Hyde Park $665
Median family income (2010 projection) Evanston $105,318 Hyde Park $119,565
By Brent DiCrescenzo |

It’s a bad rap: When North Siders think of Hyde Park, many automatically think higher crime rate. In fact, Hyde Park had the sixth-lowest number of violent crimes out of Chicago’s 25 police districts in 2008—and a lower total than Evanston (albeit in a smaller geographic area). Here are some other numbers that might surprise you.

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