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Readers' favorites in Logan Square

We polled Logan Square residents on their favorite restaurants, bars, shops—and why their neighborhood is the best in Chicago


We've told you about our favorite places eat, drink and have fun in Logan Square, but we wanted to know which spots topped the lists of our resident readers. From the Lula to Scofflaw to the beautiful boulevards, here's what the locals love about Logan Square.

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"Walk down the boulevard, grab food to go from Reno, picnic (and nap!) on the boulevard. Dinner at Lula Cafe and movie at Logan Theater. Drinks afterwards at Billy Sunday or Scofflaw. All within walking distance!"

"Sitting on my front porch, smoking a blunt and drinking some cold beers, giving the 'sup' nod to passerbys."

"A walk through up Kedzie Boulevard to view the historic mansions and on to the farmer's market."

"Cuz I said so!"

"There are not a surplus of maniacs or mania in the streets and everywhere you go everyone is friendly."

"Walking down Logan or Kedzie Boulevard can trick you for a second into thinking that you have been transported to Paris and, if not Paris, at least somewhere that makes you forget you live in such a large metropolis for a couple moments."

"Just the right mix of grit and glamour."

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