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Jamie Lynn Sterle, 29

A hairstylist gives her take on the Mayan apocalypse prophecy.
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki
By Jake Malooley |

Belmont Avenue between Clark and Halsted Streets

Are you freezing in that little coat? I have a high pain threshold when it comes to looking cute.

What’s going on? Just got back from the studio. I’m a producer for Phlearn.

Is that a hip-hop group? No! [Laughs] We do photo-shoot production tutorials. I’m a hairstylist. I’m going to get ready for a fashion show at the Drake Hotel.

Fancy! Do you feel comfortable in those environs? I fit right in. It’s about confidence. And if you don’t have confidence, just wear the biggest heels and walk hard. [Laughs]

Two thousand and twelve is almost over. What was the highlight of your year? I went to Bali, Indonesia, for three months. For ten days, I sat in the mountains in total meditation. You don’t move or speak for 14 hours a day. It was awesome! The rest of the time, I got a motorcycle and drove around the island, met rad people, did a lot of yoga, ate the freshest food ever.

A Mayan prophecy suggests modern civilization will come to an end on Friday 21. Do you have any plans for your last day on Earth? I don’t think the world is going to come to an end. I think it’s going to come to an awakening. It’s switching from a masculine life to a feminine life. It’s like yin and yang. You know what I mean?

No, I don’t. The Earth is changing, not ending. Like, people with anxiety and trauma in their lives are going to see it smooth out. And that’s going to benefit all of us.

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