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Meredith Starr, 20

Single no more and happy to be out of the dating pool.

Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Washington and State Streets

Starr is your given name? It’s actually a shortened version of the Greek surname Stavropoulos, which translates to “star city.” I’m happy my family changed it. I get a lot less questions and a lot less puzzled looks. [Laughs]

We’re doing a dating issue. Are you on the hunt? I’m not. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little under a year.

Thankful to not be wading around in the dating pool? Wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a very low-maintenance relationship. There are few negative aspects: arguing, bickering—the typical couple-y drama. And that’s a definite win for the being-in-a-relationship side of the argument.

How did you meet? We were actually friends for a while and saw each other frequently at parties. And that seems rare these days: the friends who become a couple.

So how did you take the leap from friends to lovers? He manned up! [Laughs] One day he said, “You know what, why don’t just the two of us hang out, go out for coffee?”

And yada, yada, yada… And one thing led to another. We had to establish a one-on-one rapport outside of the group situations we were used to.

What’s a first-date faux pas guys commonly make? Movie dates suck! They think it’s going to be a good icebreaker, but you can’t talk.

Do you and your beau have Valentine’s plans? We choose to not recognize it as a holiday. The other day he said, “So what do you want to do for Valentine’s Day?” I just looked at him, like, “Seriously?”